white fox tail butt plug
White Fox Tail Butt Plug with Metal Anal Plug
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White Fox Tail Butt Plug with Metal Anal Plug



The white fox tail butt plug has a soft and smooth metal anal plug.You will enjoy more anal sex pleasure by the fox butt plug.Cheap and High Quality.Free shipping.


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Why You Should Buy The White Fox Tail Butt Plug?

Do you like anal sex games? The white fox tail butt plug is best for anal sex any player.It is a good choice whether you are a beginner or not.

  • Best gift choice. If you are struggling to choose a gift, then this fox butt plug is undoubtedly a novel gift. Your lover will love this little gift. For you, it can be a big surprise for your sweetheart without spending too much.
  • Smooth and safe anal plug. This fox anal plug has a very smooth metal anal plug. It is designed to fit the anus. The tip penetrates easily into the inner wall of the anus. And there is a secure base cup at the bottom. You can enjoy exciting anal sex.
  • Enjoy the two sensations of ice and fire. This metal butt plug can be heated or cooled in warm or cold water. You can enjoy multiple sex sensations.
  • White foxtail is made from high quality fur. Therefore, it is odorless and does not cause any allergic reactions.
  • Privacy Package. We protect recipient privacy. There is no sensitive information on the package.

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More About The Fox Tail Plug

Delicate Stainless Steel Anal Plug

This fox tail plug comes with a very smooth and high end stainless steel plug. It has a pointy head and a fat mid-end design. The tip ensures smooth insertion into the anus. The mid-end design increases the entry resistance, so as to enjoy more sexual pleasure. The bottom is designed with a safety base. That way, you can penetrate without worrying about it getting lost in your anus.

white fox tail butt plug
white fox tail butt plug

Smooth Fur

All fox tail plug are made by high-end fur. Therefore, it is very comfortable to touch. However, in the package, it is possible to compress. If this happens, please hang up for a while after receiving it. Then it will stretch again. If you have any questions, please contact customer service in time.

Additional information

Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm


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