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Fox tail butt plug is a highly erotic anal sex toy. Of course, it is a type of anal plug. It’s just that it has a bushy, fluffy fox tail on its tail. When the foxtail buttplug is inserted into the anus during sex, the inserter’s butt looks like a fluffy tail has grown. If it’s a two-player game, you can fiddle with the tail. This is an effective way to increase the pleasure of sex. Do you like this novel way of sex? Buy the best fox tail but plug here.

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What is A Fox Tail But Plug?

In fact, anal sex is a very tempting way to have sex. There doesn’t seem to be any reduction in the fervor for this sex. Almost everyone likes to stimulate the sensation near the anus. The butt plug is undoubtedly the best anal sex toy. However, people like a novelty. So, fox tail but plug appeared.
All right, the foxtail buttplug is very small. It’s just that it has a fluffy tail at the end. It looks very playful. Of course, it is suitable for all levels of anal sex players. Because of its small size. This is also its uniqueness. In anal sex, you need to start small. Otherwise, the anus can’t hold a large penis or butt plug. Anyway, the fox tail but plug is the star of the animal butt plugs. Have it and your sex life will take on a whole new look.

Foxtail Buttplug In Different Materials

There are foxtail buttplugs in a variety of materials on the market, but the most popular are mainly three materials.

Glass foxtail plug

Want to spice up your sex life? Try the glass tail plug. Turn you into a cute animal. Generally, the main material of this butt plug is high temperature-resistant medical-grade glass. The most classic shape is the tapered design. This allows for easy anal insertion. Even during anal sex if you want to move or wiggle your sexy ass, it won’t fall off. Don’t worry about breaking. Because this glass is borosilicate glass. Easy to clean and not easy to break. It is harmless to the human body. And it feels smooth. Compatible with any body lube. If you want to try new ways to have sex, you can heat or cool the glass plug in warm or cold water. Then enjoy two different sex feelings of ice and fire.

Metal fox tail but plug

If you are a fan of the solid dildo, then the metal butt plug cannot be missed. At the same time, if you also like anal sex with a fox. Then the metal fox tail anal plug is absolutely right. This plug looks very delicate. It has a tapered head and a round base. These are the comfortable and stable foundations of the anal plug.
Likewise, the plug can be heated or cooled in warm or cold water. Even better, the metal is non-porous. Therefore it is a healthy and safe material.

TPR fox tail anal plug

Thrilling anal sex is never difficult to talk about. This TPR tail plug is very light. But its surface is smooth. If you are a beginner then it is perfect for you. Of course, it can also satisfy experienced players. It is still the design of the tapered tip and the plush tail. That’s right, it’s an anal-comfortable design.

Basic Details of Fox or Cat Tail Butt Plugs

In fact, the design of fox or cat tail butt plugs is simple. But they look very cute. There are mainly two parts. A small and cute butt plug attaches to the tail of a soft, fluffy fox or cat. Of course, the tail is artificial. This is also its uniqueness. Plugs generally have a tapered head and a rounded base. This design is to prevent the butt plug from getting lost in your sexy anus. When you wear this tail butt plug, you are like a cute fox or kitten.

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