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Anal Hook | Anal Hook Bondage | BDSM Anal Butt Hooks

Sex is the best. But a lot of people want to experience newer sex. Are you looking for new sexual stimulation? Then anal hook will be the best BDSM toy you will ever experience.

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What Is An Anal Hook?

As you can see, the butt hook is a bent metal rod. There is a loop on one end of the hook and a metal ball on the other end. The ass hook is a common BDSM toy. Therefore, play an important role in sex games such as humiliation, anal stimulation, etc. The role of the port ball is to enhance the sensation of anal stimulation. The ring is a tether or finger control. So designed to guarantee bondage anal hook easily convert angles.
Typically, the ass hook is about 1 inch in diameter. Its length is 6 inches. Of course, you can choose spheres with different comfort levels. At the same time, you need to remember to be careful when inserting the hook. Use the hook to experience the ultimate BDSM ass sex.
Now, there are ass hooks in various materials such as silicone on the market. But the most classic is still the stainless steel hook.

Key Features of Anal Hooks

  • Smooth Curve Design: Almost all BDSM hooks have a curve. Don’t pay too much attention to the direction of the curve. Because that’s just to cater to your ass.
  • The part that inserts into the anus: You can search for hooks of many types of ends. Of course, the most classic is the end of the common bulb type. However, there are still some flat or butt plug-shaped ends.
  • Unique materials: BDSM hooks are available in different materials. For example glass, silicone, latex, etc. However, stainless steel still has the most hooks. Because stainless steel is strong. And it’s easy to clean and maintain. At the same time, there are more ways to play. For example, you can heat your hook in warm water. Then experience warm anal sex.
  • Different ball sizes: Almost all ass hooks have end balls. These balls can be inserted into the anus. Of course, the size of the ball depends on the level of individual anal sex. Overall, there are three sizes of balls. The small size is 35mm. The medium size is 40mm. And the larger size is 45mm.

What Are The Types Of Anal Hooks?

Indeed, most ass hooks look similar. But there are also some types. In general, most of them have a J or U shape. However, other parts have some features. Whatever style you like, you can find it here.

  • No ball on insertion end: This is a hook with no ball on the end. It just has a smooth rounded piece at the end. This is a beginner’s favorite.
  • There is a ball on the insert end: this may be a removable ball. The designer designed this type of hook to let you experience different sizes of balls. But make sure to tighten the ball. Otherwise, it may slip into the anus.
  • Multiple balls on the insertion end: There are some ass hooks that have multiple balls. These balls are close to the penis. This is a must for advanced players.
  • Twisted or Patterned: These patterned or twisted stainless steel ass hooks will give different orgasms when inserted into the butt.
  • Cock Rings: Generally, butt hooks have an attachment only at the end that will be inserted into the anus. However, some wrap around the front of the body, not the back. In fact, it may not be suitable for BDSM bondage. However, there is a lot of stimulation to the penis. This penis ring ass hook is a good choice for maintaining penis erections. You can experience a great prostate orgasm when you catch your dick during sex.
  • Penis Cage: This is an anal hook designed with a rooster cage at the end. That can control your man. During anal sex, you can lock his dick. This is a novel sex game.
  • Vaginal Chastity Device: This is the perfect BDSM toy for submissive women. During sex, lock the woman’s vagina.

How To Use Anal Hooks?

Anal hooks play an important role in double sex. This is a very exciting SM game. It will bring a very stimulating orgasm to the sex participants. However, the premise is that you have to learn how to use it correctly.

Before you start having sex, you need to do some preparation.

Clean the anus and your ass hook. You can buy professional anal douche.
Interact with your sex partner before inserting the hook. That is the usual sex foreplay. All sex requires foreplay.
Lubricate the anus and your hook.
Be gentle. Don’t be in a hurry to insert the hook. You should slowly test the depth.
Before starting, wash the hooks. And check the hook. Make sure to tighten the ball on the end of the hook.

Sex By Anal BDSM Hook Step By Step

Bondage. Tie your hook with a rope.
Fasten the lines on the hook to any object.
If you want a warm sex game then warm water to warm your stainless hook.
Try different sex positions.
You can also insert vaginally. This is a good option for G-spot sex.
All in all, this is a very easy-to-use sex toy. And full of fun. You will love this smooth hook.

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