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Once I got these I went right for the big one since I have experience. It slipped right in and settled against my opening very nicely. Boy oh boy does this plug feel great! Walking, standing, sitting, driving, working, it’s the best ever. Great price, worth every penny.Fast delivery, great service.


My wife loves it very much, even though she was a little reluctant to try at first.We had some nice wild sex that evening and has since then occasionally taken it out of the drawer with much pleasure and playfulness.Great product, Great online store, thanks.


Anal Plugs & Butt Plug | Best Anal Sex Toys Online Shop In UK

At, anal plugs are our main business. Are you an anal sex lover? If you are, then you should know about butt plug. Yes, this is a simple and novel sex toy. We have listed all the latest and greatest anal sex toys. Now, you can buy a cheap anal plug here. Free shipping. Fast delivery. 100% Privacy Package.

The butt plug is a kind of sex toy. After inserting the anus, stimulate the peripheral nerves of the anus, and the anus will feel sexual pleasure. In fact, it may be somewhat similar to a dildo. But it’s shorter. Usually, there is a base or ring at its end. This design is mainly to prevent the plug from being lost in the anus.
Butt plugs have many materials. At present, the most popular are mainly silicon, glass, metal, and so on. These three materials are all non-porous high-level materials. So, it is body-friendly. In addition to this, there are some anal vibrating plugs. This can add to the fun of anal sex. Normally, you can control the anal vibrator wirelessly or via the app.

Sex is wonderful. Anal sex is another joy. Only after experiencing it will you feel that pleasure. Once you enjoy anal sex, then you won’t stop. There are even more benefits to using anal plugs.

  • Use anal plugs to help you enjoy the ultimate anal sex.
  • Enjoy prostate orgasm. The prostate is actually a male G-spot. The prostate is very sensitive. If you stimulate the prostate, you will feel very strong sexual pleasure. If you are masturbating or having sex with a couple, using anal plugs with curves will stimulate the prostate.
  • Stimulate the female G-spot. In vulvar sex, if a plug is worn, the vaginal canal is narrowed. In this way, the G-spot of women can be stimulated.
  • Experience multiple orgasms. Penis can enjoy multiple prostate stimulation by wearing an anal plug when not erect.
  • Enhance orgasm. The anus has a lot of sensitive peripheral nerves. So the anus is very sensitive. Moreover, when the sensitive nerves of the anus are stimulated, the sensitive nerves of the clitoris, labia, penis, and perineum are also stimulated. Therefore, when using butt plugs to stimulate the anus, other sensitive points will also feel sexual pleasure. Therefore, the orgasm will be more intense.
  • Free your hands to touch other sensitive points. When anal plugs are worn on the anus, you can enjoy anal sex. Meanwhile, your hands can stroke your dick or your lover’s pussy.

All in all, a lot of fun using anal plugs. As long as you experience it once, then you will never give it up again.

Inserting a butt plug in the ass seems easy. Indeed, learn a certain method, then everything is simple. But many people wonder what that feels like before trying it. Probably some people have heard some negative thoughts before using anal plugs. Actually, not at all. Using an anal plug is a very good sex experience.
Stretching should be a common feeling with anal plugs. The plug typically passes through the internal and external sphincter muscles. At this point, you will feel the muscles in your anus pull apart. Maybe it sounds scary. In fact, as long as you use a lot of lube, everything can get really irritating. You’ll love the stretchy feeling.
Once the plug is inserted into the anus, you will feel full. The plug will take up space inside the anal canal. Maybe some people like the thrill. That’s actually quite simple. You can use a tail butt plug. Insert the animal’s tail into your butt.
For men, using a butt plug has a different feel. In anal sex, men always have the upper hand. Because men have a lovely prostate. The prostate is between the penis and the bladder. At the same time, it is the best sex organ for men. If you’re a man, then you’ll love how the plug stimulates your prostate. Even if you’re gay, you can still have an orgasm with a plug in your ass. That said, for everyone, using a butt plug will give you a whole new orgasm.
Don’t hesitate to buy a butt plug as it is suitable for everyone to experience anal orgasm.

It’s probably easy with anal plugs. However, if you are an anal sex beginner then you should start with the smallest size. Also, be sure to prepare plenty of lube for your anal play. Maybe some people don’t know what size to start with. Then recall what you have experienced in the anus. If you experience the sensation of inserting your finger into your anus, your anal plug is smaller than your finger. Maybe you are a high-level player and have used anal toys, dildo, or fist anal sex. Then you can start from any large size. Well, you have now selected the appropriate anal plugs. Follow these steps to get started.

Prepare some things in the bathroom.

Some people are sensitive to poop. Or you want to reduce the risk of poop in anal sex. So before you start, go to the bathroom first. Clean your anus. Wash carefully with a showerhead or tub. No matter what, it’s possible to see or touch poo in an ass hole. You need to keep calm.

Wake up your ass.

Before you start, relax. But don’t rush to play with your or your partner’s ass. You should start with some foreplay. Even if the anus cannot lubricate itself. But foreplay relaxes your body even more. So as to eliminate the embarrassing and tense atmosphere.

Use plenty of lubricating oil.

No matter what anal sex toys, as long as you’re playing with the ass. It is important to have plenty of lubricating oil on hand. The anus is not self-lubricating. So apply a lot of lubricating oil. Lubricating your or your partner’s asshole is just the first step. Then apply lube to your anal plug. Besides that, you should apply every few minutes during sex.

Adjust in time.

For some people, anal sex comes naturally. But for some, it takes time to get used to. Therefore, you need to always pay attention to your body’s feedback. If you experience anal tightness and pain, then you should stop penetration. At this point, continue to touch the sensitive points of your body to wake up your anus. Then go ahead and use more lube.

Insert slowly.

In anal sex, penetration is definitely not a game. So don’t rush. Because going too fast can cause discomfort and even tear the anus. Slowly sliding the butt plug is a great anal sex experience. Therefore, it is very important to take the time to stimulate and lubricate the anus before inserting the plug.

Try multiple times.

There may be people who didn’t have a successful first experience. Please don’t be disappointed. You can try several times. Once you try it, you will fall in love with this anal sex pleasure.

When anal sex, it is very important to use a clean, safe butt plug. Here’s a tip for proper cleaning of the butt plug. Of course, it works with other sex toys.
No matter how clean your anus is, you should sanitize and wash it properly after use. Otherwise, the remaining bacteria may multiply. It not only affects the life of the plug but also is not conducive to health.

Cleaning of porous butt plugs

Porous anal plugs mainly include hard plastic, Cyberskin, elastomer, jelly, rubber, nylon, and neoprene. When you receive your anal toy, you have to check its texture. You can only clean it properly if you know what material it is.
For porous anal plugs, they must be carefully cleaned after use. It can be cleaned with some warm water and mild soap. Conversely, if you don’t wash it in time, bacteria can grow. Then your butt plug is not safe. Clean porous plugs, do not use abrasive materials. That will damage the surface.

Cleaning of non-porous anal plugs

Non-porous anal plugs on the market mainly include glass, silicone, and stainless steel. For pyrex and stainless steel plugs, cleaning is relatively simple. Just immerse in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Then cool. For butt plugs made of materials that are not fully heat resistant (such as silicone), wash with mild soap and warm water.

Cleaning of Tail Butt Plugs

If you use an animal tail butt plug, then you must determine whether the tail is real fur or faux fur. If it is real fur, it needs to be washed carefully. Do not fully immerse it in water as that will cause the tail to break. You should use a cool damp cloth soaked in mild soap. Then gently wipe the tail. Pay attention to controlling the amount of water. Then use a lower temperature blow dryer to dry the tail. It is not correct to hang to dry. That would damage the tail.
However, if the tail butt plug you are using is a faux fur tail, then you can completely submerge the tail in water and soap. Then gently wash the tail. Remember, once the tails are dry, whether they are real or faux fur, carefully comb them through. This will make the tail hair fluffy and orderly. lists many types of anal plugs. You can buy any style of butt plugs here. And there are other anal sex toys here too. In short, as long as it is anal sex, you can find what you want here. But check out the points below and you can buy the best one.
If you are a beginner then start with the smallest size. For example, the classic butt plug or vibrating plug is good. However, if you are an advanced player, then you can choose the large size or other plugs. Such as inflatable butt plugs.
Pay attention to the base: The base has many functions. It is therefore important to choose a plug with a base larger than the tip.
Materials: First, you should make sure which materials you are not allergic to. Plugs made of glass, silicone, metal, etc. are recommended.
Size: As with all sex toys, the smaller size should be chosen initially.
Anal sex is a new experience. And anal plugs are cheap. Therefore, when choosing an anal plug, do not consider the price. You can buy butt plugs in as many styles as you like. Once you try and succeed, you won’t stop.

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