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Anal tunnel plug is a very novel anal sex toy. People are looking forward to anal sex. Because anal sex can make people get the best sexual pleasure. Are you after such sexual stimulation? Buy the best hollow butt plug here.

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What Is A Tunnel Butt Plug?

At the moment, people have very crazy love for anal sex toys. So there are different styles and types of anal plugs on the market. And the tunnel butt plug is one of them. As you know, this may not be a common one. However, it must be a novel anal toy. This anal tunnel plug looks the same as a normal butt plug. However, there is one distinct feature. That’s the hollow hole in the middle.
Like other sex toys, this hollow butt plug is available in many models. No matter what kind of anal sex you like, this tunnel butt plug is undoubtedly the best. The hollow hole in the toy allows you to experience many different sexual feelings. However, if you are an anal sex beginner, then you should choose this plug carefully. Its main role is to ensure that the anus, including the sphincter, remains dilated. This prevents the anus from closing during intercourse.

What Are The Types Of Hollow Butt Plugs?


There are usually several materials in Tunnel Butt Plugs: metal, silicone, and glass. Which material to choose depends on your sexual experience. But the most important thing is to choose a material that is easy to clean. The hollow butt plugs of the above three materials are easy to clean. For beginners, glass tunnel butt plugs are suitable. Because glass is not easy to bend. That way there is nothing to worry about.


As with all sex toys, hollow butt plugs come in different sizes. From a small tunnel butt plug to a huge size, the different anus can be expanded. This is to ensure that each anus can find the corresponding size. Again, beginners still need to start small.

Surface Design

Generally, the surface of tunnel butt plugs is smooth and delicate. This caters to anal sex. While textured plugs will increase resistance, they can be slightly harmful to the anus. That way, anal sex becomes a burden, not a sexual pleasure. And the smooth surface can always be close to the anus. Then you can enjoy very exciting sexual pleasure.


Hollow butt plugs come in a ton of colors. Such as black, flesh color, crystal transparent, and so on. The color of this butt plug is very important when inserting the anus. For example, a glass anal tunnel plug can clearly observe the state of insertion. This is absolutely the best. This visual stimulation will make sexual pleasure more intense.

How To Use An Anal Tunnel Plug?

As you can see, almost all tunnel butt plugs have a tip. This cute tip is exactly the crux of the butt plug.
If you’re using a glass butt plug, the anus needs a lot of stretches. Because the tip of glass toys is a flat round shape. The same is true for metal hollow plugs.
However, if you are using a silicone hollow plug, there are two ways. One is the same as the glass hollow plug. The other usage is simpler. This hollow anal plug has two tips. And it has great elasticity at both ends. Push them together with a little force. The ends will then become a pointy part. That way, inserting the anus is easy. After entering the anus, the tip opens again into two parts. Then each tip is on both sides.
Almost, most hollow plugs have a flat base. When the hollow plug is inserted into the anus, the base will stick to the inside of the buttocks. When the sex is over, the hollow plug can be pulled out by relying on the base.
In any case, please be gentle when it comes to anal sex. Find your speed slowly.

How To Choose The Best Anal Tunnel Plug?

For the best sexual experience, you need to pick the best anal sex toy. Consider the following two points, you can buy a good hollow butt plug.
First of all, within the budget, choose a high-quality anal tunnel plug. When many people think about sex toys, they always want to spend a lot. In fact, if you choose a high-quality supplier, you can still buy a good plug without spending a lot. In this way, you will have excess funds. Then buy other sex products.
Second, carefully study the specifications of the tunnel plug. After you decide to buy, learn as much as you can about the plug. For example, you can get user reviews of plugs in forums. Make sure you buy what you need and not a pile of junk ready to be thrown away.
At you can buy what you need.

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