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Do you really want to experience the thrill of anal sex? It’s true that people have a rabid love for sex toys. Especially anal sex toys, where people try to find new orgasms. Probably you have tried a lot of anal sex toys. But have you tried the inflatable butt plug? Yes, this is a novel butt plug. It adds to the fun of anal sex. You’ll love these inflatable butt plugs.

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What Is An Inflatable Butt Plug?

There is no doubt that the inflatable anal plug is an anal sex toy. It can penetrate the anus. Then you will feel the pleasure of sex like never before. As you can see, this butt plug looks like a dildo. There are usually two parts: the air pump and the butt plug. Inflate or exhaust through the air pump to control the size of the plug. The more you inflate, the bigger the anal plug will be. Isn’t it fun? If you are not a size preference, then this inflatable anal plug is the best. Because of its size adjustable. This is also one of its big advantages. Both men and women can easily use this inflatable plug. It also applies even if you are a beginner.

Buy The Best Inflatable Butt Plug

If you decide to buy an inflatable butt plug, then you should know some information.
First, choose the material carefully. You should make sure to buy high-quality inflatable butt plugs. For example silicone, latex, jelly, rubber, etc. Among them, the silicone material is the most friendly to the human body. At the same time, it is also an easy-to-clean material. But the price is relatively expensive. However, before using anal plugs of other materials, make sure you are not allergic to that material.
Second, pay attention to the size. Although it is inflatable. Dimensions are variable. But you should also consider the size. Typically, the size range is 5 inches to 10 inches. Beyond that, choose your base carefully. If you’re a beginner, it’s good to consider buying a 5-inch inflatable plug. Only by purchasing the right size sex toys can you experience the ultimate sex pleasure.

How To Get The Ultimate Sexual Pleasure With The Inflatable Butt Plug?

  • Regardless of the type of sex, wash your genitals or anus before you start. That’s easy. It can be done in the shower. After cleaning, you need to wash your butt plug carefully. Because the inflatable butt plug is waterproof. So, just rinse with water.
  • Lubricate your anus and your plug. Any body-friendly lube is good. Apply to your anus and butt plug. Sufficient lubrication has many benefits for experiencing sexual pleasure.
  • Try opening your anus with two fingers. Then slowly insert the inflatable anal plug.
  • Find your own speed. If you feel pain, take a break. After the pain goes away, you can keep trying.
  • When the plug is fully inserted into the anus, squeeze the pump. At this point, the plug will become larger. Feel the plug expand inside your anus. But don’t blow too much air. Still control the rhythm of inflation.

Why Should You Buy An Inflatable Butt Plug?

  • Do you want to enhance a woman’s orgasm? Then this inflatable anal toy can help you. Whether it’s female masturbation or couple sex, it’s good.
  • This inflatable anal plug has good tolerance. It works for the different anus. Because its size is adjustable.
  • Not only can stimulate the anus, but also stimulate the prostate.
  • It can be used safely. The premise is that you don’t inflate to the limit. It can easily be inserted into the anus before being inflated. After deflating, you can also easily pull it out.
  • These inflatable sex toys are the most comfortable of all anal butt plugs. Because of its small size before inflation. Once inserted into the anus, you can enjoy the thrill of anal expansion.
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