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How beautiful sex is. People want to experience sexual pleasure all the time. It’s true that everyone enjoys sex in a different way. But sexual satisfaction is not easy. Because sexual satisfaction requires a variety of sexual styles. If you’re looking for a way to spice up sex, then you should be familiar with this vibrating butt plug. Find all vibrating but plugs at Then, you’ll find new sex orgasms.

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What Is A Vibrating Butt Plug?

First of all, an anal plug is a kind of insertion into the ass for sexual pleasure. As the name suggests, a vibrating butt plug is an anal plug with a vibration function. Anyway, the anal plug works by filling and stretching the anus. Then stimulate the anal peripheral nerve. The vibrating plug will make this feeling even more exciting. Vibration can make you feel more intense over time. And it will also train the toughness of the anus. Thus your anus can accommodate a larger size butt plug or penis. You will experience more comfortable sex when your partner’s erect cock is inserted into the anus.
And vibrating but plugs are available for all genders. As long as you want to experience anal sex. Then you can use the vibrator plug. There is a senior sex educator. She is also an online porn store executive. Her name is Alicia Sinclair. “Ass is the ultimate equalizer,” she said. So the fun that anal sex brings to people is endless.
Especially many men are beginning to accept anal sex. In gay sex, anal vibrating plugs are very popular. They like the sensation of stimulating the P-spot.

Types Of Vibrating Butt Plugs


There are not many materials to make vibrating butt plugs. Because of the built-in motor. So the material is relatively limited. There are mainly soft materials such as silicone, latex, and jelly. The most popular are vibrating but plugs made of medical-grade silicone. It is a strong and flexible material that is human-safe and hypoallergenic. Overall, the price is not expensive. Some are only $30.

Size And Shape

Like other sex toys, vibrating but plugs come in different sizes and shapes. Whether you are an anal sex beginner or an advanced player, you can find the right size. Typically, it ranges from 7.5cm to 13cm in length. And its diameter range is 4cm to 7cm. What size to choose depends on your anus. If you are a beginner, start small. Instead, you are an advanced player, then you can buy a set. Because that price is cheap. You can experience one size every day.

Remote Control

The Vibrating butt plug has two control methods. One is an embedded wired remote control device. The other is the wireless remote control. Likewise, you can control the rhythm and vibration patterns via the remote. With the technology upgrade, you can even control the anal plug with your smartphone. But the more features, the more expensive it is. However, the added pleasure of sex is worth the extra cost.


In fact, this butt plug has two power modes. The first is that the battery gains power. The second is USB rechargeable. You’ll need to buy the removable battery separately. General supplier packages do not contain batteries. This vibration is weak. The built-in lithium battery charging butt plug has a stronger power. And charging is easy.


If you have the need to experience anal sex in the water, then you need to buy a fully waterproof vibrating butt plug. Before buying, you can read the instructions carefully.

How To Buy The Best Vibrating Butt Plug?

There is no doubt that a vibrating butt plug will bring you a new anal sex experience. Therefore, it is very necessary to choose the best one.

  • Pay attention to the material. Buy silicone vibrating but plugs that are safe for your body.
  • The vibrator butt plug should be sturdy and flexible.
  • Choose an anal vibrator that fits your anus.
  • The size must be appropriate. If you are an anal sex beginner then you should choose the smallest one.
  • A waterproof anal vibrator is the best. Whether it’s cleaning or having sex in water, don’t worry about damage.
  • For more fun, buy a smart anal vibrator. Your sex partner can control the vibration frequency via the app or the remote. That’s definitely a new way to have sex.

Why Should You Buy An Anal Vibrator?

There are many benefits of using an anal vibrator in the ass. It is a very beneficial healthy sex. Everyone should experience it once in a lifetime. In fact, after experiencing this vibrating butt plug, people are unable to quit this feeling. In these best anal vibrators, you are sure to experience a truckload of sex sensations. It makes your sex life fun.

  • Vibrating in the anus, that intense erotic thrill will be unforgettable for a lifetime.
  • This anal vibrator is suitable for all genders.
  • Vibrating but plugs have multiple vibration frequencies. You can experience different modes.
  • Anal vibrator with wireless remote control has unlimited distance.
  • Are you tired of boring sex, then the app-controlled anal vibrator will give your sex life a whole new look.
  • Experience what explosive anal sex is.

How To Use Anal Vibrator?

Using the vibrating butt plug is not complicated. But need to know some useful skills. Beginners, in particular, should check out the steps.

  • Cleaning the anus and vibrating the anal plug.
  • Lubricate your anus and your anal vibrator. Your butt does not lubricate itself. So lube is very important for anal sex. Apply some lube to the anus and anal sex toy. That would make insertion smoother.
  • Before having sex, do some foreplay. That’s easy.
  • Insert the anus slowly. If you feel pain, relax your body, stop for a while, and then continue inserting.
  • Don’t experience the strongest vibration patterns initially. You should start with the lightest vibration frequency.
  • During a couple’s sex, your sex partner helps you insert your anus, so you can experience doggy style or missionary sex positions. If you are experiencing anal sex alone, then you need to bend over or squat.
  • Do not insert into the vagina. Also don’t share your vibrating butt plug with other people. Because the anus has a lot of bacteria. Sharing your anal plug is not hygienic.
  • After use, wash your butt and anal plug. Note that the remote control is waterproof. Otherwise, it will be damaged. You can scrub with a clean towel and lukewarm water. Then air-dry your sex toys.
  • Once dry, store in a private place.
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