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The tail butt plug is a very classic anal sex toy. Likewise, the tail but plug can stimulate the anus to enjoy anal sexual pleasure. As the name suggests, this is a stopper with a tail. It is not only suitable for solo masturbation, but also a must for couples’ sex. If you want to increase sexual pleasure, then don’t miss this animal tail buttplug. You can insert these sexy plugs into your ass or someone else’s at different angles. Then you will find that ass becomes sexy. Learn more about buying guidelines on this page.

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What Is A Tail Butt Plug?

  • The tail butt plug is an anal toy that stimulates the anus to increase sexual pleasure. It’s similar to a dildo, only it’s shorter. And this butt plug has stretched ends. This is mainly for safety. Keep part out of the body to avoid the plug getting lost in the anus.
  • It’s a novel anal plug. Indeed, people are tired of boring sex life. Maybe you’ve also fantasized about things with animals. These tail but plugs simulate an animal’s tail. Imagine an animal’s tail inserted into your anus. That must be exciting.
  • Animal tail buttplug generally has two parts. There is mainly silicon, glass, or metal anal plug. There is also an animal tail. Of course, animal tails are faux fur. But it feels comfortable.

Why Should You Buy An Animal Tail Buttplug?

In addition to all the advantages of an anal plug, the Animal tail buttplug also has its own advantages. It is cheap. And the quality is good. At the same time, it can add very exciting fun to sex life.

  • In intense anal sex, the animal tail plug plays an important role.
  • You can experience all kinds of new anal sex sensations.
  • In sex life, using a tail anal plug can experience different sex orgasms.
  • It can contain everything. You just focus on experiencing sexual stimulation.
  • After cleansing, you can use it in the vagina. That will make you feel the joy of having sex with animals.
  • There are different styles of tail plugs to choose from.

How To Choose The Best Furries Butt Plug?

If you can check the following three points, then you can easily buy the best animal tail anal plug.

  • Choose the best size. Beginners should choose the smaller size. It is important to choose the most comfortable size anyway. For advanced players, try a large size.
  • Choose the correct material. There are tail anal plugs of silicone, metal, and glass materials on the market. All three materials are safe for the human body. Therefore, you can choose anal plugs of these three materials. These materials offer great advantages in terms of durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Check out your usage. If you’re playing solo, then any style is suitable. If you are having sex as a couple and you want to increase the fun, then opt for a waterproof animal tail plug that allows you to have sex in the water.

Other than that, you don’t have to consider other factors. Because these furries butt plugs are cheap. Some cost as little as $20. Even buying more than one at a time won’t hurt the wallet. In short, experience novel sex is the most important.

How To Use A Tail Butt Plug?

It takes imagination to do anything. The same goes for using the tail butt plug. When you experience anal sex, you have to have crazy ideas. Then follow the tips below to start your anal sex journey.

  • Clean your anus and tail anal plug. This is what all anal sex toys need to do. Because the anus has a lot of bacteria. Cleaning is also easy. Just flush the anus and your sex toys.
  • Pay attention to foreplay. Before you start, play with your body and that of your sex partner. Especially the genitals, stimulating it will make your body more relaxed. You can start with your favorite way. Like kissing or oral sex. Licking with your tongue is one of the ways to irritate the most sensitive areas. Anyway, have sex foreplay.
  • Lubricating. Start with your tail plug and lubricate it with your fingers or with your partner. Then use lubricated fingers to apply around the butthole. Of course, you can gently slide in and out of a sexy anus. Don’t have any worries. Because after cleaning, the anus is very clean. Next, you can insert with two fingers. This is a process of anal adaptation. You’re still very comfortable when a few fingers are inserted into the anus. Then your anal plug starts working.
  • Insert slowly.

Yes, it’s that simple. Of course, sex is just a pleasure. There should be no difficulty in scientific research. Purely experience the craziest way to have sex. Enjoy an orgasm like never before.

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