Black Fox Tail Butt Plug
Black Fox Tail Butt Plug
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Black Fox Tail Butt Plug



The black fox tail butt plug is great for sex warm-ups and cosplay. The fur is bushy and soft.Cheap and High Quality.Free shipping.


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Why You Should Buy The Black Fox Tail Butt Plug?

Love the furry animal tail anal plug? Then use the black fox tail butt plug. Add more fun to your anal sex games.

  • It has a conical metal plug. It has a base cup bottom design. This ensures that the plug does not get lost. This dazzling metal plug with its luxurious tail is sure to blow your mind!
  • A lifelike foxtail look. Thick and soft, this foxtail helps immerse you or your partner in a lewd scene; just plug in to warm up your lover’s anus.
  • Perfect for roleplaying. Combine this fluffy tail with your favorite ears, leash and collar; use the tail to explore the world of animal games and pet games and help your partner look their best.
  • Furry foreplay. Warm up your or your partner’s back door for more fun while indulging in more animalistic characters; submissive or aggressive.
  • Privacy Package. We protect recipient privacy. There is no sensitive information on the package.

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More About The Fox Tail Plug

Rugged Anal Plug

Tapered and sized to fit most anal skill levels so everyone can enjoy crafty transitions; narrow base fits easily into your hole for comfort in extended scenes.

Black Fox Tail Butt Plug
Black Fox Tail Butt Plug

More Anal Sex Play

Let your animal instincts get the better of you with this faux fur tail. A black fox tail is covered in a thick layer of fur, and the butt plug ensures that your sensory accessories are perfectly placed while adding some heady thrills of their own.

Silky smooth, durable, non-porous, and the cool heaviness of the steel plug inside is unmatched.

Plus, thanks to the conductivity of metal (thanks to physics!).Anyone keen to try the temperature game can heat or cool it.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm


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