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When you hear about the glass butt plug, are you worried that the glass will break? It is true that some glass sex toys are fragile. However, our glass toys are not like that. Whether it is a glass dildo or a crystal butt plug, they are all sturdy. The glass sex products here are all high-temperature medical-grade glass. At the same time, these particular glasses make them less brittle. Also, you can use warm or cold water to heat or cool your glass sex toys. A cheap and high-quality glass but plug allows you to experience hot and cool sexual pleasures.

What Are Glass Butt Plugs?

If you are a sex pro, then you should know what an anal plug is. In fact, an anal plug is very similar to a dildo. However, plugs tend to be smaller in size. Other than that, the dildo is mostly female masturbation and vaginal penetration. Butt plugs are inserted into the anus. By stimulating the end of the anus, then experience pleasurable sexual pleasure. This is a must for anal sex. Typically, all anal plugs have a base or ring at the end. That’s to make sure the plug doesn’t get lost in the sexy anus.
The glass butt plugs are anal plugs made of glass. In fact, there is no need to worry about fragile glass defects. Because the material of this glass but plugs is a kind of borosilicate glass. It is a material for making heat-resistant glass containers. Therefore, it has good high-temperature resistance characteristics. This glass sex toy is thick and durable. You can insert the anus with confidence.

Why Should You Buy A Glass Butt Plug?

In fact, no matter what level of anal sex you are, you should buy glass butt plugs. Because it has many benefits.
First, this is a beginner-friendly anal sex toy. Even if you are inexperienced, then you can experience good anal sex.
Secondly, glass plugs are mostly transparent. You can get some shocking scenes when you insert your ass.
Also, glass sex toys are actually pretty. They come in different colors and shapes. Therefore, you can choose these glass butt plugs as a gift. Especially at, where these glass toys are beautifully boxed. Your lover or friend will love this little gift.
Finally, the glass but plug is easy to clean. And it’s sturdy and durable. Most importantly it is non-porous. Soak in boiling water before and after use. Just clean in time. There is no risk of any bacterial infection.

How To Choose The Best Glass Crystal Butt Plug?

First of all, if you really want to experience it, don’t think too much about the price. Because glass butt plugs are so cheap. The cheapest may be as little as $15.
Secondly, there is no doubt that glass sex toys are safe. Especially choose glass toys made of borosilicate material. At, all glass sex toys are made of this material.
Finally, choose your preferred size, color, and shape. If you are a beginner, you should still choose the smallest to start. Or buy more than one at a time. These inexpensive butt plugs won’t let you down.

How To Use Glass But Plug?

  • Cleaning. Before anal sex begins, clean your anus and your glass toy. Most people will choose professional anal cleaning equipment. Indeed that is good. At you can buy anal douche tools. Or rinse your anus out while you’re in the shower. Meanwhile, clean the glass butt plug. Just rinse under the tap.
  • Lubricating. Ready for your ass? Then start lubricating. Lubricating the anus is just as important as the glass butt plug. It must be remembered that the anus cannot lubricate itself. So you must lubricate manually. Of course, you can use any lube after figuring out if you’re allergic to certain lubes.
  • Foreplay. Before you start, like any other sex, you need to prepare for foreplay. Watching porn or your partner touching sensitive areas is the best foreplay.
  • Control the rhythm. Going slowly is the key. Don’t rush to insert. Be sure to look for the best insertion point and insertion speed.
  • Posture. You may like different sex positions. That’s entirely your own business. As long as you can experience the ultimate sexual pleasure. Choose your favorite sex position.
  • Wash and store. After sex, rinse your ass and glass butt plug with water. Then store your glass toys. Dry it. Store in a dry and private place.
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