remote vibrating butt plug
Remote Vibrating Butt Plug

Remote Vibrating Butt Plug


Food Grade Silicone USB Rechargeable Anal Vibrator with 5-10m Wireless Remote Control. 9 Vibration Modes And Double Mute Design(<45 DB).360° Stimulation Your Anal Hole


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Why You Should Buy The Remote Vibrating Butt Plug?

The remote vibrating butt plug adds more fun to your sex life.

  • Food Grade Silicone. The vibrating anal plug is made of silicone. It is ideal for anal toys. Because it is easy to clean and very durable. At the same time, silicone is also hypoallergenic. Therefore, it is still safe for people with sensitive or severely allergic skin. And the silicone is highly flexible and soft to the touch. Therefore, penetration of the anus or vagina becomes easy. It’s very comfortable when you play.
  • User-Friendly Shape and Design. The butt plug is ergonomic to increase your fun. The lightly tapered tip and ultra-smooth shaft slide easily into anal lube to fill your back. Whether you’re having sex or just walking around the house, the narrow neck and flared base help keep the butt plug in place for extended anal stimulation!
  • Booty-Shaking 9 Vibration Modes. The booster motor of the vibrating anal vibrator comes with 9 vibration modes. Start the fun by pressing the power button on the bottom of the vibe. Keep pressing the button to cycle through powerful speeds, hypnotic pulses, surprising patterns, and more. When you can’t play for another minute, press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn off.
  • USB Rechargeable. Runs up to 70 minutes on a full charge. The included USB charger attaches magnetically to the base’s metal contacts. This is a high-level charging method.
  • 100% Waterproof. The vibrating butt plug is completely waterproof for wet and field play. This makes it safe to use in the shower, tub, or swimming pool for wet and wild play. You can use it in the shower to reduce mess or to relax in the tub. A waterproof seal helps protect the vibrator for long-lasting enjoyment. But the remote control is not waterproof. So keep an eye on the remote.
  • Protect Recipient Privacy. There is no word about sex on the package.

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More About Pink Glass Butt Plug

Hands-Free Anal Sex Play

For more sex fun, give the remote to your lover. You will feel anticipation and surprise when your lover takes control of the remote. This makes butt plugs even more fun! The remote control distance is 5-10m.

remote vibrating butt plug
remote vibrating butt plug

Double Mute Design

This remote vibrating butt plug is a double silent design. Whether it’s individual masturbation or couples sex, it doesn’t cause a noise disturbance. Also great if you like to wear it on the street.

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 15 cm


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