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The beauty of sex makes people look forward to it. Anal sex is a new area of sex. Perhaps, it used to be a taboo subject. However, people who have experienced anal sex cannot quit this sexual pleasure. Anal play has since become a new kind of sexual pleasure. You’re probably fed up with the same pattern of sex. That’s because you didn’t find a better solution. Here’s the full buying guide. Fortunately, you can find the perfect anal toys here. These anal sex toys will bring a whole new experience to your anal sex.

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What Is Anal Toys?

Among sex toys, anal toys are a novelty. This toy mainly stimulates the sensitive area of the anus. Then stimulate the sexual pleasure of peripheral nerves. Typically, these spherical toys also have a stimulating effect on the sensitive area on the inside of the buttocks. In addition to this, these anal sex toys have flared bases. This is to ensure that the anal toy inserted into the anus does not get lost in the anus. In fact, anal sex products are suitable for all genders. And whether it’s masturbation or multi-person sex, it’s good.

What Are The Types Of Anal Toys?

There are many types of Anal sex products. Because people have different needs for anal sex. So there are all kinds of anal sex toys on the market. The following are popular types.

Anal Beads

It also has other names. Such as anal balls, butt beads. Looks like a string of beads. The beads come in three sizes: large, medium, and small. These anal beads play an important role in foreplay. And in anal sex, the beads of this different size add drag. Thus you will feel very strong sexual pleasure. And you can also buy vibration anal beads. This is advanced gameplay of anal balls. If you decide to experience anal beads, you can buy glass butt beads. Because it is cheap and easy to clean. It is a highly sexual anal sex toy. This site has a dedicated collection of anal balls.

Anal Hook

If you are tired of ordinary anal toys, then you must know this novel anal hook. It is a ring at one end and a smooth ball at the other. And most of these anal sex toys are made of stainless steel. Therefore, it has excellent comfort. This is the best toy for BDSM. Do you like sex toys like this? Check out the anal hook collection.

Anal Douche

Anal sex has become a common form of sex. Therefore, anal cleaning becomes necessary. Whether you’re using anal sex toys, or anal sex with a lover, you need to wash your anus carefully. Then you need to use a professional anal douche kit. This professional cleaning toy will keep your anus cleaner. That has a very important effect on personal health. Check out the anal cleaner collection.

Anal Training Kit

Do you like anal sex? But you’re always worried that your anus won’t be able to hold a big penis or butt plug. Indeed, that is a crucial question. Because the anus has no self-lubricating function. So you need to constantly train your anus. Thereby the pain of tearing during anal sex can be avoided. In fact, the pain is only accidental. That’s probably because you haven’t mastered anal sex. Regardless, remember that finding your rhythm slowly is the key to anal sex. However, anal training is essential. At this point, you only need to purchase the anal training kit. Then train your anus. In the end, you will become an experienced anal sex advanced player. Check out our Anal Training Kit collection.

What Materials Are There For Anal Sex Toys?

There are many material anal sex toys on the market. If you decide to buy an anal toy, then you should know a little about materials. The following are common and human-safe materials.

  • Silicone: This is a common sex toys material. It feels softer. And silicone is non-porous. Therefore, it is not easy to hide bacteria.
  • Rubber: TRP/TPE/PVC, etc. are all types of rubber. This material has good elasticity. Therefore, they are bendable. But before using it, you should find out if you are allergic to it. Because some people may be allergic to certain materials.
  • Borosilicate glass: Glass anal toys are heavier. And it feels smooth. It also looks very pretty. Most importantly it is easy to clean. And you can play temperature games with glass sex toys. Heat or cool the glass stick in hot or cold water and enjoy both sex sensations.
  • Metal: Metal anal toys are smooth and hard. Very easy to clean. Can be used safely. In the same way, you can experience different sexual sensations of hot and cold.

How To Use Anal Toys Correctly?

Anal sex is known to be fun. But you have to do it right. For example, if you are a beginner, then you’d better choose an anal sex toy with a flared base. In any case, follow the points below and you will experience safe and exciting anal sex games.

Keep it clean. Regardless, sex safety is important. Because before and after use, please wash your anal toy carefully. Generally, anal toys are easy to clean. Just rinse with warm or cold water. On top of that, you have to clean your asshole before having sex. Because the anus has a lot of bacteria. Cleaning can make your sex life healthier.
Lubrication is important. Did you know that the anus does not have the self-lubricating function of the vagina? So before you start, lubricate your anal toy and your anus.
Slowly. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, you should stay relaxed. Then insert slowly. Can’t be in a hurry.
Otherwise, there will be discomfort or even pain.

Using anal sex toys is that easy. Start your anal sex now at

Are anal toys safe?

If you can use it correctly then it is absolutely safe. The way to use it is simple. Cleaning anal and ass sex toys. Then lubricate. Handle gently and keep inserting slowly.

Can Anal sex toys be used in the vagina?

There may be some anal toys that can be inserted into the vagina. But best not to. Because the anus has a lot of bacteria. If you really want to penetrate the vagina, then wash or buy sex toys specially designed for vaginal penetration.

How to remove odor from an anal toy?

Clean the anus before use. Wash your toy after use. Wash in warm water or antibacterial solution.

What to do if the anal toy gets stuck in the anus?

Please keep calm. Then go to the nearest hospital emergency room. Don’t try to deal with it yourself, or you may push deeper. Therefore, before use, be sure to pay attention to the position of the base.

What kind of anal sex toy should a beginner choose?

The first thing to do is to choose a body-friendly material. Such as silicon, glass, metal. Second, choose an anal toy with a base or a round handle.

How do I clean my anal toy?

Simple. Clean the surface of the toy with warm water. Then soak in the antibacterial solution for five minutes. Finally, spray with sex toys cleaner.

How to avoid discomfort and pain during anal sex?

Lubrication is the only way. Because the anus is not self-lubricating. Therefore, it is necessary to use a lot of lubricating oil. Also communicate with your partner. Then clean your anus. Keep relaxed.

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